Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions | All you need to know and more.

It is no surprise that the Russian Volume Lashes has taken the lash industry by storm. If you are new to the eyelash extensions world, all the information and choices available will be quite overwhelming to digest just by a Google search. The Russian Volume Lashes uses an advanced technique which master lash stylist need to hone over a several months or even year of years in order to be safe for the natural lashes and to be as beautiful as all the photos you see on instagram and the net. We have answered the five most frequently asked questions about the application of Russian volume lashes and we hope this will help you decide if this is the right treatment for you.

1. How is Russian Volume Lashes different from Classic Lashes?

When one single lash extensions is applied to a single natural lash, this technique is referred to as classic lashes. With Russian Volume Lashes, the lash technician attaches more than one lash extension fiber to the natural lash by fanning them to make them appear like more lashes are growing from one stem. Depending on the effect the client wants, the technician can use 2 to 10 extensions per fan. The number of lashes used per fan is also dependent on the thickness of the extension. The lighter the extension, the more lashes per fan can be used.


2. How Long does it take to apply Russian Volume Lashes?

Due to the intricate nature and the added skill involved in fanning the extensions, Russian Volume lashes takes a much longer time to apply. Some experienced lash stylists, like in Primalashes, can take up to 1.5 hours to apply a full set but it could take up to 4 hours to apply a very dramatic voluminous look.

3. Will Russian Volume Lashes cause damage to my natural Lashes?

It is not unusual for clients to be concerned about their natural lashes when they see the effect a fully voluminous Russian volume set. When done correctly, Russian Volume Lashes actually encourage the natural lashes to grow because the fiber used for the application is so light and weighs so little on the natural lashes that it will hardly cause damage. It must however be stressed that you need to ensure that the person performing the procedure is not only trained but well experienced in the the application of Russian Volume Lashes before you allow their hands anywhere close to your eyes. Russian Volume lashes are especially beneficial for people with sparse natural lashes. It can be used to cover gaps and create the illusion of having more natural lashes because of the fanned effect.

4. How Long do Russian Volume lashes Last?

Like classic lashes, it is advised to have regular infills every two weeks to ensure that the fallen lashes are replaced and also to check on the health of the natural lashes which should never be ignored whilst having eyelash extensions. However at Primalashes,  some Russian Volume Lashes clients can leave up to four weeks in between infills. This is why Russian volume eyelash extensions cost more than classic lashes.


5. Is Russian Volume Lashes only for more dramatic looks?

Russian Volume lashes does not have to be overly dramatic. It is completely customisable. You can choose how big you want to go and how dense you would like your lashes to look by increasing or decreasing the number of lashes per fan. People who use Russian Volume Lashes for more natural looks prefer the soft and wispy effect it creates.

Style & Beauty Blogger | Charlotte Williams

We loved having the editor of the The Stylum, a London based blog, over last week. She came to the studio in search of a new set of lash extensions that she could whisk away with her on a summer vacation to Mykonos. We provided her with a natural set of mink lash extensions to complement her eye shape. A lot of our clients love to maintain a natural look when getting lash extensions, simply because it makes their daily make up process easier. Undeniably as women, we invest a lot of money into mascara each month as we use a lot of it day-to-day, adding to that we excessively curling them to gain a more fuller voluminous look. Little did we know that this entire process damages our natural eye lashes. Therefore investing in eyelash extensions is a more cost-effective healthier way to maintain your eyelashes whilst looking amazing. Our mink lashes are super light weight and don’t do any harm to your natural lashes. We can slowly build up volume with 3-D lashes whilst maintaining a healthy natural look. Check out Charlotte’s natural eyelash extensions over on her blog and If you’d interested in booking an appointment click the link:


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Beauty Trend | Milan AW'16

Emporio Armani

Emporia Armani took us back to the 80's with this seasons AW'16 Milan catwalk. One of the key beauty trends witnessed on the catwalk was the switch into theatrical beauty. Bright eyelash extensions were used to add to the retro vibe to his show. The eyelash extensions infused highlighting tones like canary yellow and fuchsia to make a bold beauty statement. What are your thoughts? 

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International Make-up Artist | Alexa Riva Ravina

As busy and glamorous as her life gets, professional makeup artist Alexa loves the convenience of adding semi-permanent eyelash extensions to her beauty regime. With numerous years of experience working in the makeup industry, she has a selective eye for what styles suit her best. When selecting lash extensions, it's important to choose the correct length and curl that complement the natural eye shape. As Alexa has quite a round eye shape, she finds that creating a cat-eye inspired look is the most flattering. This style enhances her eyes by making them look more almond shaped. To create this intense voluminous look we layer 3-D mink lashes from small to big from the inner eye corner outwards. This helps shape and define the eyes to create a more edgy editorial look.

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Style & Beauty Blogger | Habba Heimisdottir

We recently collaborated with London-based blogger, Habba Heimisdottir. She was invited to our beauty salon to receive semi-permanent eyelash extensions. As a blogger and Youtuber, she has trialled a variety of products to help her achieve more volume to her eyelashes and from positive reviews decided to try eyelash extensions for the first time with Primalashes.

At Primalashes we always ask our clients for their personal opinion on what type of look they would like to achieve. Specifically in regards to the type of style, length and volume they prefer. In this case, Habba wanted eyelash extensions that were subtle but still added volume to her natural eyelashes. Therefore our beautician styled her with a consistent length of eyelashes throughout. We created volume by overlaying her natural eyelashes with 3-D enhanced extensions. Click the images below to see her final look and keep posted on her blog to read her review.

If you are a blogger based in London and are interested in collaborating with us, simply email us at

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