Services & Pricing

We have two main types of eyelash extensions, Classic Eyelash Extensions and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions.

Classic lashes is the traditional method of applying individual eyelash extensions where a single lash is attached to each natural lash. We can create natural to dramatic styles depending on the condition of your natural lashes.

We use very fine hair for our volume lash applications. The lashes we use are so fine that we are able to attach more than one extension on each individual eyelash. If you want a dense look without causing damage to your natural lashes, this is your best bet.


  • Infills Classic Basic                      £50

  • Infills Classic Standard               £70

  • Infills Volume Basic                     £70

  • Infills Volume Standard              £100

  • FullSet Classic Basic                  £80

  • Full set Classic Standard            £120

  • Full Set Volume Basic                 £150

  • Fullset Volume Standard            £180