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We loved having the editor of the The Stylum, a London based blog, over last week. She came to the studio in search of a new set of lash extensions that she could whisk away with her on a summer vacation to Mykonos. We provided her with a natural set of mink lash extensions to complement her eye shape. A lot of our clients love to maintain a natural look when getting lash extensions, simply because it makes their daily make up process easier. Undeniably as women, we invest a lot of money into mascara each month as we use a lot of it day-to-day, adding to that we excessively curling them to gain a more fuller voluminous look. Little did we know that this entire process damages our natural eye lashes. Therefore investing in eyelash extensions is a more cost-effective healthier way to maintain your eyelashes whilst looking amazing. Our mink lashes are super light weight and don’t do any harm to your natural lashes. We can slowly build up volume with 3-D lashes whilst maintaining a healthy natural look. Check out Charlotte’s natural eyelash extensions over on her blog and If you’d interested in booking an appointment click the link:


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