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Eyelash extensions Near Me

Eyelash Extensions Near Me


Primalashes is based in the heart of Mayfair and specialises only in Classic individual eyelash extensions and Russian Volume  Eyelash Extensions. You can book an appointment directly online on our booking system. Alternatively you can send us an email at prima@primalashes.com.

Our stylists are experienced with a minimum of five years experience each specliaising in just Lash Extensions.

If you are new to individual eyelash extensions. You may find it difficult to know what to consider before choosing a lash extensions stylist.
There are several points to consider before choosing but here are few that we thing will be particularly useful for someone who is new to eyelash extensions and is considering eyelash extensions near me


You can choose between Classic Lashes and Russian Volume Lashes

Primalashes Classic Lashes
Primalashes Russian Volume Lashes


    First, the quality of training the eyelash extensions stylist has

Eyelash extensions has evolved since basic classic lashes. Techniques  like Russian Volume lashes are becoming more popular and widely used. Russian volume lashes uses very fine lash hairs that are applied in multiples on each individual natural eyelash. It is important to know the type of training your stylist has before choosing it. A good way to ensure that your stylist has had much required training is if  they can show that they are members of a professional body like the Guild of Beauty Therapists or BABTAC

    Second, number of years of experience the stylist has specialising in individual eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions application is a skill that must be honed over several years to ensure mastery. At Primalashes, each individual stylist has over 5 years experience applying only eyelash extensions. Because of this, each stylist is a true master with demonstrable experience applying over 3000 eyelash extensions in our salon alone.

    Third, the quality of materials used for the application of the eyelash extensions

You can use
real mink fur eyelashes : This is natural mink fur and it is light and most natural looking extensions available.
Synthetic Fiber: This can be Faux mink which has a matt appearance and is closest to the feel and look of natural fur or natural eyelashes or Silk lashes, which is polished and has a more glossy effect

    Fourth, Eyelash Extensions near me

If you search for eyelash extensions near me in search engines , the options you will be given are not arranged by the quality of extensions offered. A good way to counter this is to look for eyelash extensions near me in boroughs that have high compliance standards for beauty services. Westminster council and Kensington and Chelsea Council have rigorous standards for beauty companies so most of the salons in these areas are a good option for excellent hygiene and professionalism

To book an appointment at Primalashes, use our online booking system.

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