all you need to know about classic eyelash extensions before your appointment

Classic eyelash extensions  is a technique of applying individual eyelash extensions by attaching one individual extension to one natural lash.

This technique is known as the lash by lash technique. the lashes used can be synthetic lashes in either faux mink or silk lashes. Real Siberian mink fur lashes can also be used. classic eyelash extensions come in different thickness and lengths. The length and thickness of classic eyelash extensions affect the weight of the extension. In order to maintain healthy growth of your natural lashes, it is important to ensure that the right thickness and length is selected prior to the application.

before classic eyelash extensions
after classic eyelash extensions

styling classic eyelash extensions

classic eyelash extensions can be made dramatic or natural depending on the condition of the natural lashes. At primalashes, we stock classic eyelash extensions from 7mm to 15mm. classic eyelash extensions weighs 0.15g, 0.20g and 0.25g. Classic eyelash extensions curls come in J curl, the least curled and most natural looking curl option to more curlier options in B Curl, C curl and D curl. Combining different lengths, thickness and curls can make the lashes more natural looking or more dramatic.

If you prefer a more dramatic look but have very fine natural lashes, it is better to use Russian volume eyelash extensions which can weigh as little as 0.004g. We do not use 0.25g lashes in our studio as it tends to be too heavy and damaging for the natural lashes. If you have very healthy strong natural lashes, we may be able to apply 0.25g lashes on but only upon inspection of your natural lashes.

Before classic eyelash extensions
After Classic Lashes

what to expect after having your classic eyelash extensions.

for the first week, Your lashes should look full without the need for an in-fill session. The occasional eyelash may fall out, but with proper care, this will be entirely unnoticeable.

in week two As more eyelashes mature and fall out your eyelashes will start to look less full. This will not be particularly noticeable but now is a good time to book your infill session in week 3

By the third week, gaps are inevitable as tour eyelash hairs reach maturity and fall out. Without proper aftercare, larger gaps may start appearing and mascara may be required to regain the desired effect. Ensure your full effect lasts longer by attending an infill appointment when necessary

Without an in-fill appointment, most of the original extensions will have fallen out by the end of week 4 meaning a new set will be required on your next appointment.


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