Disposable Mascara Wand


Fuller and longer lashes need daily grooming to keep in one direction. A spoolie is always used during the eyelash extensions treatment. You can keep the spoolie after your appointment to groom your lashes daily and to remove loose lashes.


Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover


Its very important to ensure that you do not use any oil based products around the eyes whilst wearing eyelash extensions. A great eye make up remover to use for eye make up is the Simple Kind to Eyes range. Alternatively, Sans Huille has been specially formulated for eyelash extensions wearers. It contains natural ingredients that promote the healthy growth of the natural lashes.


DIY Foaming Lash Cleanser


A foaming cleanser is great for cleaning the eyelashes everyday.  Simply add baby shampoo, baking soda and water in a foam bottle to make an affordable and effective daily cleaner for your lashes.