Russian volume lashes all you need to know before your appointment

Russian volume lashes is a multi lash application technique for applying individual eyelash extensions. the lashes used for this type of application is extra fine, compared to classic eyelash extensions. Russian volume lashes are applied by fanning more than one extra fine extension to apply on an individual natural lash. You can achieve very wispy light natural effect with russian volume eyelash extensions to very dense voluminous and dramatic look

before rurrian volume lashes
after russian volume lashes

understanding Russian volume xd

XD is the number of lashes per each fan that is handmade per each natural lash. This could be as light and natural as 2 extensions per fan to up to 12 lashes per fan for hyper volume extensions. The more lashes per fan, the more noticeable and dramatic the Russian volume extension set will look. The curl, lash thickness and length will also of course contribute to the look

For Russian volume lashes the thickest lash used weighs 0.10g. We also stock 0.07g, 0.06g and 0.04g

before russian volume eyelash extensions
after russian volume eyelash exensions

how to care for Russian volume eyelash extensions

During the first 24 Hours

This is the most crucial stage to ensure the longevity of your extensions. During the first 24 hours, it is normal to experience the loss if a few lashes. Do not get your new lashes wet, even steam from the shower can affect the quality of the fresh bond

24 - 48 hours

Avoid prolonged contact with water such as swimming. Avoid any hot and humid environment such as saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzis. When taking a bath or shower, please avoid using very hot water.

After 48 Hours

Do not use oil based products on the area around the eyes, particularly mascara.

Be very gentle with your Russian volume lashes, avoid continuous tugging, rubbing or pulling of them. Don't use mechanical curlers as curling extensions can break of your natural lashes and extensions

Only use lint free applicators and lint free makeup remover cloths around the eyes. Avoid using cotton wool or towels, as they can easily get caught and tug on the extensions.

Do not tint or perm while wearing eyelash extensions. If you wish to tint your natural eyelashes, this must be done before application.

Take care when blow drying hair as excessive heat can cause the Russian volume extensions to lose its curl. Gently comb through the extensions when needed to maintain a good appearance.

here are examples of Russian volume lashes done in our studio recently